I recommend

1. Free Start Up Course Training Center “Your Start”

My site 万事如意 started on June 24, 2011. According to the Chinese calendar, this day is suitable for the beginning of a long process or events, from which it is planned to obtain a lasting effect. It is also suitable for starting a new business. I consider the creation of this site the beginning of a new commercial project, so that time (which is very important!) Is on my side.

It should be noted that for 2 years I have been running my blog on another site, where I can only publish my posts for a narrow circle of specialists in Chinese life sciences. To make changes on the site, I was forced to ask the developer for help.

When there was a need to create a commercial site, I needed the knowledge and skills to manage it. Our life constantly confirms that you do not have to wait for anyone – you have to be able to do a lot yourself. Today, if you have a desire to understand something, then this can be learned in all kinds of courses on the Internet. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of school and coaches!

The basic knowledge that I needed to open the site was acquired during the free monthly Start Up course from the Training Center “Your Start”.

Everything was fine with me at the “Your Start” Training Center: a comfortable learning process, clarity in the presentation of the training material, clear recommendations for step-by-step instructions, the competence of teachers, the ability to receive visual information in video lessons. Our trainers showed us the possibilities of website building, the prospects of earning money on the Internet, gave us the tools and advised us: “Work, do not be lazy!” And for clarity, they showed their wallets … This gave enthusiasm and faith in the chosen path!

4 weeks of study flew by unnoticed. All students saw the first results of their work with sites. I think that I will meet with many of them at the following paid courses of the Training Center “Your Start”. Thanks to Evgeny Khodchenkov and Mikhail Gavrilov, talented guys and excellent coaches, for the fountain of knowledge that they simply gave us!
I believe in the result of my work!

2. I started training on the course “Income of 500-1000 $ is available to everyone.”

2. The course “Antichaikin” – an excellent course on computer literacy.